Why join Judo?

Judo is “the way of gentleness rather than brute force.” Judo is both an art and a sport, a means of defence, and equally, a means of offence. Like Ju-Jitsu, its forerunner, judo is a method of turning an opponent’s strength against himself, thus defeating him in the most efficient manner.


Judo was formulated as a new system of bare-handed fighting in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano, a student of Ju-Jitsu. Judo utilizes the very best of the Ju-Jitsu techniques, eliminating the harmful ones and modifying others so that they can be practised safely. This makes judo one of the safest contact sports for children.


One hour of judo burns as many calories as an hour of jogging, and can give you confidence in a variety of situations, self-discipline and respect for yourself and others, and improves your speed, power, strength, and flexibility.


The Abbotsford Judo Club is a non-profit club formed in 1980 and offers recreational and competitive judo. Many students have competed in National and International Events, bringing home many medals and trophies. In-club tournaments also provide students with necessary fun and practice.


Annually the club hosts “The Fraser Valley International Tournament” which draws athletes from all over Canada and the United States. This tournament is well known for its excellence due to the superb effort of club members and volunteers.

Our Instructors

Tokue Suda

Chief Instructor
6th Dan

Terry Maniwa

2nd Dan

Chris Astoria

2nd Dan

Layton Keely

3rd Dan

Dan Hutchings

Assistant Instructor
1st Dan

Brayden Cryer

Assistant Instructor
1st Dan