Kinder Judo (5-6 years)

This is a class that prepares young children for judo classes. This class builds co-ordination skills and motor skills. Children learn how to fall plus a few basic judo techniques. The basics of sportsmanship are learned here. No testing or competition. Emphasis is on fun exercise. Parent participation is encouraged.

Junior Beginners (7-12 years)

In the first weeks of lessons the children are taught the basic techniques of beginners judo and sportsmanship. Within one year students may progress to the level of yellow belt. Stripe testing is held every three months. Students may participate in the Judo Club’s Novice Tournament.

Junior Intermediate  (7-12 years)

This is mainly a yellow belt class. Some white or orange belts may be included depending on the student’s ability. Here students are prepared for the orange belt level. Students are encouraged to participate in larger tournaments around the Lower Mainland.

Junior Advanced (7-12 years)

This class consists of mainly orange belts. Here students are prepared for the transition to the adult class. Advanced tournament techniques are taught, as well as preparation for the green belt level. Some students participate in provincial tournaments, and are prepared to enter the Junior Nationals.

Senior Beginners (Age 13+) Co-Ed

This is a twice a week class to provide basic knowledge of judo, doing fun exercise to develop and increase your fitness level. The exercises are not strenuous and families may join together. This recreational judo is open to any level of belt.

Senior Advanced (Age 13+ Co-Ed)

This class meets up to 4 times a week. Here students are prepared for National Competitions and to achieve their black belts.




Once Per Week

$85.00 if paid monthly

$75.00 for monthly pre-authorized debit.

$650.00 for an entire year.


Twice Per Week

$100.00 if paid monthly

$90.00 for monthly pre-authorized debit.

$800.00 for an entire year.

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Judo BC Membership Fee

To practice Judo all students must be a member of Judo BC.

Born 2003 and later: $60.00/year

Born 2002 and earlier: $80.00/year


Athlete Assistance Fee

Payable once per year, this money goes to support our elite athletes as

they pursue their competitive goals. Thank you for supporting them!

$25.00 per person or

$50.00 per family.


Family Discount

Two or more students from the same immediate family = 20% discount


Pre-Authorized Monthly Payments

Charged to your account or credit card on the 5th day of the month.

One month notice is required to terminate authorized payments.

Requires a Void Cheque or Credit Card Information / PAD form.


Other Payment Options

Interac,Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Cheque.

Teen & Adult Season runs year round.

Kinder / Junior’s Season runs Sept. – June.

Refunds for medical reasons with doctor’s note only